Monday, July 7, 2008

Sales and Special Orders Oh My!

So things are really busy all of a sudden. This always seems to happen for me at the oddest and not necessarily most convenient times, but it is great and I am not complaining in the least! On Thursday, I had an all day session at 826 for their summer program. When I returned home, I had a wonderful e-mail waiting for me - my first sale on Etsy! I have done many face to face and custom sales, but no sales off of a website yet, so this was very exciting. I also have a client I am working with on a custom pair. I have to run out to the store again because I do not have the correct color thread for the color of the pants I am making today. I also have a wonderful friend who is working with me on some pants orders. I need to remember to contact her about getting measurements. This of course is all converging on me in the time when I usually do my costuming for the Belegarth event that I attend in Idaho. I guess I will just have to get myself in gear earlier and work harder to get things done. So with out further adieu, I will be logging off here to get to public transit to get to the store. It is spare the air, and I intend to stick with my ever constant use of public transit! Here is to a busy week.