Monday, December 1, 2008

Very Busy

I have to keep this short. I am really busy trying to get the family presents made in time to send out for Christmas, so entries this month will also be few and far in between. Thanksgiving went well. Aside from Alton Brown's turkey recipe resulting in my setting off the fire alarms of the apartment, luckily not the whole building, and also dropping the casserole dish of dressing all over the floor of the oven, it all went well. We had few leftovers, so either I did not cook enough for the 10 of us, or the food was good. I am hoping it is the latter. I got all the Christmas decorations out and hung, including all the tree dressing. The fruitcake was baked last night, and today I will wrap it up in the rum soaked cloths and put it to sleep until Christmas eve.

On the plate today, I need to get back to the jogging program. I am going to do week 3 for the 4th time. I did one day of week three last week, none the week before, and two days the week before that, so I figure I should repeat again. I also have to finish attaching all the pieces together for this year's cake for Brenna's birthday present, wrap that all up, and send it off in the mail. I also need to run to the fabric store for hopefully the last time before Christmas. I need to pick up the fabric for Brenna's Christmas gift. I think I have all the other fabrics I need, but this project requires quite a bit. There is a little more cleaning and recovery to do from this weekend's festivities. I also want to get started on Craig's gift while the fabric for Brenna's washes. I think that will be enough for today. I am also going to work on Da's present while I am on BART to the store. I hope beyond hope that I can get all this stuff done in time this year.

Also in shop news, if you need something shipped as a holiday gift, the deadlines for Christmas delivery are as follows:

For locations in the USA, I need your order by December 19th
For locations in Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Middle East, I need your orders by December 9th
For locations of most US Military bases, I also need your orders by December 9th.

Good luck out there everyone!