Monday, June 4, 2012

After a Long Hiatus....

I am hopefully back to blogging after yet again another long hiatus. Things have been pretty busy around here after returning from Illinois in February. I had to get the garden in for the summer as well as build new structures out there for the new gardening techniques I am trying. There were two major performances, Rakkasah and Tribal Fest, for which I was wrapped up with preparations and rehearsals. I have been working on some special order commissions for the shop as well as gifts for the nieces and nephews. There are sketches for competition dresses for Chaos Wars as well as personal heraldry being done. I am working on restoring a beautiful beaded choli for the event as well as dance performances. There are quilts I have started and the usual canning and baking to be done. Through all of this time and reflection I came to realize a few things. I am not all that pleased with how I spend my time lately. That is change number one I am striving to make, and there will be more posting on that later. The other thing I realized is that I really do miss writing here. So, while this entry is short, realize that good things are coming. I am working on a toy tutorial today as I sew up a VERY late birthday present for a niece and start the birthday present for her brother. There are new things for the shop I am working on and designs for great headdress accessories that will show up on the Fabulous Pants shop page in Etsy, hopefully sooner rather than later. Stay tuned! I hope to have more in store, with pictures, for you in the coming days! I missed being here, and I look forward to connecting with you all through the blog again.

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