Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Three Day Weekend Refresh

So I planned on working all weekend, seeing as I thought the husband was going to have to do the same thing, but that was not the case. I ended up doing some more final settling into the apartment. It seems like I will finally have everything just how I want it, and then it will be time to move! :) I did get some pants items done this weekend. I updated some of the language on the website, and I also posted the blogs on the front page. If you are a new reader to the page due to these updates, welcome! I hope you enjoy keeping up with all that is going on in the studio. So after rearranging furniture, stacking books in different configurations, and slogging through computer work, I am ready to tackle some more pants items on the sewing machines. Today, I am working on a couple pair of pants for a special order that was placed a bit ago. I had to find the perfect fabrics, and I think I have settled on them. I am devoting today completely to this order. I want to have them totally finished by the end of the week. I do have to learn some new serging techniques for these pants since I am using some different materials in their construction. Hopefully my learning curve is not too steep, and I can get them done in fast order. Someone has been waiting patiently while I craft my magic, but I hate making people wait for things! Well time is slipping away, so I will sign off and update you all again hopefully tomorrow!

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