Tuesday, May 26, 2009


While the trip I had originally planned did not happen this weekend, I had a wonderful time with Dan. We went to the Nine Inch Nails / Jane's Addiction tour on Friday night. It was wonderful to get back to a concert from my high school and college days. The fixed seating at the venue made it so that the concert did not have the total feel of a standard concert of this type, but it was fun none-the-less. The opening act, Street Sweeper Social Club, was also good. It is fun to find a new band through the opening acts of concerts, especially when they are enjoyable acts. This was a much better show than the one I saw on the Fragile tour a few years ago. While there is still little chemistry between the members of Nine Inch Nails, the performance was more tight and the songs sounded better. Jane's Addiction, while not my major draw for the concert, was wonderful. They still have great chemistry and seemed to really enjoy playing even their most well known songs together. Their performance was great and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them enjoy themselves. We ended the night in typical concert going fashion by getting food at a Denny's with fellow friends and concert goers. Great conversation what in full supply, and I had a lot of fun with everyone.

Saturday started off late as we got home so late from the concert. We helped a fried get back to the venue to pick up his car from the night before, and also got brunch with him. We went to Ole's Waffle Shop in Alameda. I am not sure why this place gets some not so hot reviews on yelp, but I thought it was great. The waffle with fresh strawberries was awesome. Even the whipped cream was fresh. The coffee was that standard pancake house wonderful stuff that I miss so much from Champaign. After dropping him off at the car, Dan and I preceded to drive around and finally settled on walking around a mall for a while before heading home to veg out.

Sunday was spent as a day bumming around the house. We have not done that in days, and the weather was perfect for this pursuit. The fog rolled in, and we just stayed in our pajamas for a long time watching the Indy 500 and the Blackhawks horrible performance in their playoff game. We finally decided that we needed to get something accomplished, so we went grocery shopping and hung some pictures up around the house.

Monday was a great day for me. We went out to do "Amy things" as Dan deems them. He took me out to gather supplies for the container garden I would like to start. We got several plants in this first round. I am slightly nervous about the amount of light we get and whether it will be enough. Hopefully it will seeing as the herb box has done so much better since the move to the new apartment. I will have pictures and more news on the container garden tomorrow once it is all planted. Well there is a garden to plant and gifts for an upcoming birthday of one of the nephews to work on today. Pictures of those gifts to follow as well.

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