Friday, August 13, 2010

Peachy Friday

Today has been incredibly busy, hence the late edition of the blog today. Yesterday was peach day, and today will be peach day again if there is enough time. I underestimated my peach needs, so I only got a few jars of this one. It is alright though as I still have a few jars from last year that need to be eaten still. I also was so busy yesterday that I forgot to take a picture of the peaches before they ended up in the pot, so here they are ready for the jamming process.

I did a full cook on these, and they turned into a beautiful golden color. The two and a half pounds ended up to be four full and one half jar of jam. The refrigerator is starting to get rather cluttered with half jars of jams, so I think I will need to make some refrigerator cookies next week to clear things out. It is so cluttered I cannot even imagine fitting the watermelon I just got in there until some of the space is cleared.

I also got some great deals on end of the day produce today at the Farmer's market in Old Oakland. I need to find out what to make with some of the cauliflower and broccoli that I got for cheap. Of course I got all of this just as the weather warms up, so soup is out of the equation. I also got quite a few O'Henry peaches for canning for this winter along with the watermelon. I also made my first attempt at English muffins today. They look pretty good from the outside, but I have yet to fork one open to see what the insides look like. Hopefully tomorrow I can convince Dan to have one with me for breakfast before we head out for the apple fair. Oh and the apple fair... that means more canning goodness! I suppose I should sign off and head into the kitchen to get some jars clean and some peaches peeled.

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