Friday, November 4, 2011

Finished Friday - Nyan Cat!

For the greater part of two days in October, I was madly cross stitching up this bookmark for my husband's birthday. It was a marathon session to make sure that I got it all done. I was quite happy with how it all turned out. I stitched it up on a blue canvas and used whatever colors I had in my collection to fill in for the colors needed. I think it came out quite well. I would like to thank m00nshine on deviant art for the awesome free cross stitch pattern. I did modify it a bit. I moved the rainbow up a bit on the poptart. I also made the background look more like the actual background in the video. This of course required me watching the video on the internet more than I would like to admit, but hey it does bring me quite a bit of joy to see the poptart covered cat meow its way across the universe. For those of your scratching your heads because you are not well versed in internet memes, I give you video of the Nyan Cat:

I hope you enjoy your weekend! I am looking forward to getting some crafting done as well as planning for the holiday craft onslaught! Look here over the next few weeks for pattern reviews for kid's toys. I hope it helps your crafting plans and eases you into the homemade gift world.

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dre_ah said...

That is AMAZING!!! I must see this in person some time. Beautiful work!