Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday is Here... Really? Already?

This week has been not as productive as I wanted, but that seems to always be the case. I guess I just always set too high of goals. Well at least I shoot high. Today is day three of my new jogging program. I hope to keep up with it. I am setting up some rewards to myself if I get each week done. If I jog today, I get to go into the city to look at the Chronicle Books warehouse sale. If I get through week two I get to use the DVD Dan ordered me last night to learn to play the harp. I haven't thought out the rest of the nine weeks, but I hope this helps me stick with it this time. I planned on doing a lot of house cleaning today, but the water to the building is being cut for at least an hour today. That puts a little crimp in my plan. I am hoping that I can do my workout during that time and have it back to take a shower when I get back into the apartment. Today I also want to put the finishing touches on the black roses pants and perhaps cut out the brown thatch ones. This weekend I am taking another buying trip, so I want to get moving on the older purchases before I get the new ones. I just love fabric buying though! Well I hope you all have a wonderful day and great weekend. I look forward to telling you all about the weekend on Monday.

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