Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Technical Problem... Being Me Using Technology

Yesterday was turning out to be a very productive day until I did something rather careless. I spent two and a half hours out on the patio taking pictures of my new pair of blue daisy pants, and I was also retaking pictures of the fading cobalt pants. The pictures were coming along okay, but they were not my best shots. I decided to take them inside and list the daisy pair at least and work on cleaning up the listing for the cobalt pair. Well in my haste to get the listing finished, eat lunch, and get to running errands, I accidentally deleted my folder of working pictures thinking it was the old pictures I did not need anymore. I did save the blue daisy pictures in another file luckily enough, so that listing was made.

Needless to say, I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening working on trying to undelete them. Once the wonderfully talented husband came home, he found a recovery program for me and found the files. I am working on cleaning them up now. I am also looking into some new settings on our camera to see if there is anything I can do to make the pictures come out more clear. I think I may have found a new setting to use, so I think I will experiment with that today. I also have to make a run to the store for all those household items I did not get yesterday as well as the post office run that I did not make. I am also going to stop downstairs and talk with the building manager to get our apartment into the schedule for the new air conditioning units that are being installed. While we will most likely only use this one or two weeks in a year, I will really appreciate it the times I need it up here. I also have to keep my eyes on the clock because I have to run into the city tonight for a performance of the One Man Star Wars. Dan is really looking forward to it seeing as the last time we tried to go we got stopped by a blizzard back in Illinois. Here's to hoping that doesn't somehow happen again here in San Francisco! :)

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