Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am not one to belabor a point, but I just wanted to say that I am proud of the voter turn out. I don't really care who your particular candidate was, I am just glad that so many people finally decided to take up their civic duty and vote. That is all I am going to say on the topic of voting and all the referendums because I am still a big believer in the privacy of the voting booth.

On the table for today... I have day two of week three of my jogging program. It is going to be interesting. This week is a definite step up from the last two weeks. I wanted to quit a bit on Monday, but I pushed through. Hopefully today will be easier. I am also hoping to finish all the felt cutting for Brenna's birthday gift and get the other part sewn and finished. I will take pictures of the progress for you all. I also want to wrap up the first stage of the other present I am currently working on that I cannot discuss. I am also taking pictures of that for later posting.

The house cleaning needs to also come to a close. I am not the biggest fan of cleaning, and I tend to allow it to drag out. I figure that if I get enough done, I will reward myself with a trip out to get new knitting needles for another project I need to accomplish for the holidays. I also want to make another pair of pants for myself to wear to ShadowDance when I do vending for Ariellah there. So if for some reason I get all the things I need to get done done, then I will cut out the pants for myself and get started on them. Well it sounds like a lot, but Dan is launching tonight, so I will have the whole day and night alone. I hope I can get focused and down to work. We will see what new thing decides to get me all distracted. I am hoping to be able to just say no to the television being on and put music back on now that the iPod is back to normal operations. Television seems to be way more distracting to me than music. Well enough rambling, time to get to work.

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