Friday, June 12, 2009

Faust by Shotgun Players

We went to attend Faust by The Shotgun Players at the Ashby Stage last night. As usual, the adaptation was creative and engaging. The acting was skillful as well. I am so glad that we became 38 Special subscribers for this company. They always do a wonderful job with masterful performance, intriguing sets, atmospheric lighting and sound design, and a wonderful set of staff that run the theater. All of the actors and actresses were their usual top notch. I especially enjoyed Peter Ruocco as Mephistopheles. He was hanging around the set with the right posture and attitude at the right times to make his character just stand out for me. He was always present even when he would disappear to the off stage areas because I was invariably looking for his next appearance to see what he was up to next. His line delivery was also a hit for me as he seemed to accent and drop just the right tones. The run of the play has been extended, but tickets are going fast. If you are in the SF Bay area and have a chance to go see all the talented people of this performance, jump at the chance.

Here are some press pictures from their website to tempt you into going. Photos taken by Jessica Palopoli.

Mark Jackson as Faust and Peter Ruocco as Mephistopheles

Mark Jackson as Faust and Blythe Foster as Gretchen

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