Monday, June 1, 2009

Maker Faire was this weekend and I had a total blast! Dan and I started off by actually getting up early and heading off to BART and then the Caltrain to get down to San Mateo for the Faire. We got bagels and coffee to eat on the train ride down as well! Yummy! We got to the grounds just as the gates opened, and I ran to the Bizarre Bazaar first. I know how soon that place gets packed and how little room there is to shop. Plus, I wanted to make sure that I got to meet Rebecca of Jim Dandy's. She is a fellow SF Etsy member, and I wanted to finally get to meet her face to face. I bought the wonderful fascinator that opened this piece from her. I love it and cannot wait to use it in a performance. I feel a new costume coming on. Here are some other images from the fair in no particular order.

Fun rotating wing sculpture that you can climb into a be a part of.

Fire sculpture from the faire. We walked around these early in the day, so many were not yet lit. This one I saw later in the day, and the flames came from the center of the flower. It had two modes, on where the flames shot from the flower's center, and one where the fire rotated around the center of the flower sculpture.

This is one of the many beautiful sculptures by The Flaming Lotus Girls. They are very talented ladies, and while the sculpture was not lit yet, I have seen it before. Stunning. Head to their website for pictures of their work all aglow.

In one the buildings, there were tons of fun things to look at. Among them was the Long Now clock parts:

There was also the control system for a crazy Christmas House light display group:

This was most impressive. The power draw for the display was quite large, and the setup was simple and yet looked so intricate at the same time. I loved how they did everything for that one and also timed it all to music like others have done before.

One of my favorite things this year:

This sculpture was just breathtaking. I found it interesting that I, along with other people I over heard, thought this was made out of balloons. When you stand far away from it, it looked very much like oscillating balloons blowing in the wind of people moving around the space. It was in fact made out of recycled two liter bottles and had a motor at the top that controlled the movement of the structure.

This puppy mover, while completely impractical, I found to be fun in its own whimsical way.

Along with the recycled theme was this skull made of old computer boards and monitors:

Lucky Ju Ju Pin ball was also there with their naked pin ball machine:

There were also battery powered spyrograph robots:

and adult's playing with replica tanks on a World War II type set:

I finally gave up on taking pictures of everything and just started enjoying looking at all the projects. There were so many people to see and meet as well as learn from. It made me want to get home immediately and start crafting and sewing up some projects. A fun day for sure.

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