Thursday, July 23, 2009

Glad to Be Home Cleaing the Tassel Belts!

I know I have been gone for quite a few weeks, and there are great stories and explanations for the hiatus. As I was talking about in previous posts, it was both my wedding anniversary and my upcoming trip to Chaos Wars that would make me have a long absence from the blogisphere. Both of those events have come to pass, and now I am back at home recovering and preparing for the next big thing. More news on that tomorrow.

For our anniversary, Dan and I went down to LA to ride rollercoasters at Magic Mountain. We both love doing this and have often contemplated joining ACES but have never actually taken the plunge. We then took off for California Extreme the next day. It was much more fun this year, and I liked the convention center they picked better this year even though there seemed to be fewer games and less variety. I blame the bad economy and high gas prices for people not being able to transport their games to the convention. After that it was off to the airport and a short plane ride to Salt Lake City to meet up with my friends from Ered Duath. They took me up to Idaho for Chaos Wars, which was my favorite Belegarth event of all time. I had a great time meeting up with old friends and getting to hang with new Hellhammer members that I had yet to meet. The picture above is all my dance gear that cannot be washed being aired out. While I am still sick with a cold that I picked up from the event, I am so glad to have gotten to take a part in all the fun and festivities. I miss everyone so much now even though there is a big piece of me happy to be home in my quiet confines with the plants and sewing machine again.

Things around the garden seemed to do fine with out me under the care of Dan's watchful eyes. Things are flowering again and starting to turn into fruits and vegetables. There are flowers on the chives:

And big flowers for zucchini:

As well as some young zucchini that will soon be ready to eat:

The tomato flowers are turning into small green tomatoes:

And we even have a green pepper or two:

Most surprising of all is that the lemon tree, while already full of young lemons, is already starting to flower again:

I guess this porch is going to be more fruitful than I thought! Well there is a ton to do today to get ready for some big things that are coming way faster than I can believe. Check back in tomorrow for an important announcement on the Fabulous Pants shop front!

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