Monday, July 27, 2009

Lots of Work In The Shop!

Things are really getting going around here in preparation for Thursday's Danse du Ventre show and vending in San Jose. I have gotten almost all the steps done for my necklaces that I want to have for the show. They look like a science project in progress on our table:

The house looks slightly like a craft store had a stomach ache and threw up all over the house. I have a custom order of falls being worked on on the couch, so there is yarn and fiber all over. There is a pair of pants draped over the ironing board as well as other cloth that I want to have made into pants before Thursday. There are business cards and labels all over Dan's office making the mess travel from my area and some of the common areas into his domain. There are belt making materials all over the place. Including the living room and this weekend, I even took one with me in the car to work on. The elephant and peacock belt is still being worked on, but it hopefully will be done in time for Thursday:

Needless to say, Friday will be filled with house cleaning and craft wrangling. Today will be filled with hairfall order finishing, impatient waiting for necklace charms to dry, belt making, and a quest for bags that are what I want for packaging people's orders. There are also business cards to be printed. While it was nice taking a break for the Garlic Festival on Saturday and resting to try to kick this cold yesterday, today is full steam ahead to get things done and ready for Thursday!

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