Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to Normal

This is the first week where I feel like live is getting back to normal. I have relatively little going on in terms of meetings and shows, so I can finally do things like clean the house and tend to the balcony garden. I did do some tending of the garden this weekend and found that the aphid infestation is back again. Right now it seems to be limited to my herb box and the radishes that were next to the herbs. I started off clearing out all the dead items that they had created, mainly dead parsley, mint, and thyme. I then cut things back a bit since some of the herbs, like the sage had gotten out of control. I then went ahead and "scorched earth" sprayed the boxes with my soap and cayenne pepper spray. This worked well last time, but the infestation was not as bad that time. I guess it has been building since I left for Idaho and then went undetected when I got back due to being so busy getting ready for Danse du Ventre.

On the subject of Danse du Ventre, it went really well. I sold quite a few things, and I had a really good time doing my first in person vending. I took some pictures of a few things I worked on for the show, but of course forgot my camera so there are no pictures of the booth. I did get a picture today of some of the necklaces and the boxes I had to put them in:

I also snapped a picture of some of the hair flowers that were left:

I ended up selling the purple hairfalls and the last pair of Fading Cobalt pants. It was sad to see the blue pants go, but I am happy they are in a new home with someone who will wear them instead of being packaged up here. That was one of my favorite fabrics. I also happened to take a picture of the black hairfalls that I custom made for a person in Greece:

It was interesting to work in a pallet of all black tones. It was challenging, but I was really pleased with the results. Today I am going to work on cleaning the house and getting things back into order. There is also another treatment needed on the garden to make sure the aphids are on their way out. If I get all this done, there are some personal items I would love to work on as well as some Fabulous Pants products that were not ready for the show that need completing. Look for some new products listed here and on the Etsy shop in the coming days. That, though, is all dependent on the weather here and if I can get some sunny days to take photographs. Without the sun, I really cannot take good pictures of the pants.

In the coming days, I think that I am going to start to work on opening up the Etsy shop to international shipping. Since the order to Greece, I found out how painless it can really be to ship internationally. I just need to spend some time working out all the costs of shipping to the furthest places. Those are the goals, so I guess I should get down to scrubbing.

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