Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fun

Last night I got the cooking bug which meant I spent two hours cooking and amazing dinner. I made 40 garlic clove chicken for the first time. I used a Cook's Illustrated recipe that was to die for. I am still trying to find all sorts of new ways to use the massive amounts of garlic we bought at the Gilroy Garlic Festival a few weeks ago. I think we will be set with garlic for the year still! I made a brown rice with fresh herbs from the balcony garden and broccoli to round out the meal. We finished off with a fresh peach cobbler.

It was one of the best ones I have ever turned out. I guess practice makes perfect on this one. I used the left over peaches that would not peel from the canning day. When they wouldn't peel I, in frustration, just cut them into slices thinking I would find something to do with them. This was it, and it really hit the spot.

The summer film festival continued in the living room last night. We are trying to watch all sorts of movies this summer that we have missed out on when we were too busy with college or work or that we just have always wanted to see but never got the chance. It has been a fun way to spend evenings and a good way for Dan to unwind.

I am posting late because I wanted to capitalize on the early morning sunshine coming through the windows to take product pictures. Usually the mornings are foggy, so when I get a sunny one, I want to take full advantage. Here are two unedited pictures of some hair flowers that I will be listing next week:

The medium purple ones are similar to the current purple pair in the shop, only they are a tone darker. The red ones are a wonderfully stunning tone of scarlet. They look amazing, and I almost want to keep them for myself. I also have a great pair of magnolias but the sunlight had shifted too much for me to be able to photograph them today. Hopefully I will get a chance early next week.

Today is the final approach on the skirt repairs so that I will have it in time for class tonight. I would love to also get my new black choli done, but I am sure that is pressing my luck seeing as I did not get all my letter writing done yesterday and there is laundry and house sprucing up to do today. I will, however, keep my fingers crossed.

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AuroraRose said...

mmm- garlic chicken - I made that once too! I am a garlic fiend... delicious...