Monday, August 31, 2009

New Blooms

I am ready to finish up things that I started in the Fabulous Pants workshop as well as begin some new things this week. I am taking a cue from my rescue violet and trying to bloom anew this week. The store is starting to dwindle on pants selection, and it has been an eternity since I listed a belt up there. I have many projects started, but it is time for me to finish them and let them bloom in the store. I have several hairflower pairs that I have finished and photographed, so look for them this week in the store. I also have some more supplies that I am going to upload to the store soon.

The house is in need of some attention as well. After a truly delightful weekend of relaxation, the house is showing my lack of work. There are dishes from last night's dinner that need to be washed, tables to be dusted, bathrooms to be scrubbed, and floors to be swept. The food fest was interesting. I got a wicked sunburn on my usual crispy shoulder regions, which means I am relegated to the baggiest of t-shirts. Hopefully it passes soon. Showers are still painful, and as usual many applications of sunscreen did not work. Thankfully the fog is back, and the momentary Midwestern summer conditions we had for the past few days seem to be in the past. It was fun to wear short skirts and tank tops for a few days, but I am happy to be back under the enveloping fog.

I may also be taking a trip up to the local library today or tomorrow. I hope to check out some more books with jelly and jam recipes. I am looking for something new and interesting that I have not made before. It appears that there may be several options at the library or other branches. Hopefully they will do book transfers for me, so I do not have to try to navigate to other places. I will do a review of any of the books I find.

I guess it is time for the house to bloom into new cleanliness now. Off for some deep cleaning.

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