Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Blooms

It has been somewhat gloomy lately here in Oakland; there is even the chance for some unseasonable rain tonight and tomorrow morning. The lemon plant, however, does not seem to mind. It is going through more blooming, and I hope that the apiary that was here earlier is still around so that more lemons can be in the works for Dan and I. I hope that we get enough so that I can try my hand at some preserved lemons. The aphid infestation seems to be slowed down, but I have broken my spray bottle, so the fight will have to be on hold for a little while. The dill is not looking so good after all of this. Hopefully it pulls through. The beans, however, are starting to finally produce something. We had our first harvest of five beans this past weekend. I wished in a way that I would have waited because there are a few more now on the plant. We could have almost had enough for a meal for two if I would have waited.

The destashing is continuing here in the studio. Today I am listing up some medium triangular bails for purchase. There are two lots of 130 pieces each.

They are made of base metal and are great for use with pendants and other drop style gems with straight holes. They measure 5/16" or 8.3 mm

You could use them for Scrabble tile pendants if you wanted to drill holes in them. I originally used them to hang Swarovski crystals in some of my jewelry experiments. Hopefully they find a good home.

Today I am going to finally finish some personal projects. I worked on some of those yesterday around some more housecleaning as well as some hand sewing on one of the belts. I mended a torn skirt and also worked on my 20 yard skirt that I began for Chaos Wars but did not get finished. Yesterday I rolled the bottom hem, and 20 yards really is a long hem to roll! Today I need to adjust the elastic in the skirt and then make some corrections to the bottom ruffle. I also have to mend my green skirt that I treated myself to at Fat Chance. It got ripped at Chaos Wars, and luckily it happened right in a seam. That is what I get for wearing my nice things out of the studio! I then have a lunch meeting with a friend and a sewing meeting at 826 Valencia to talk about tent reconstruction and curtains that we need in the lab to cover the white boards. Both projects sound like a lot of fun. I cannot wait.

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