Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cookies Won

Yesterday it was a contest between digging though books at the library to expand my jam and jelly recipes or to make cookies. Cookies won out hands down. I made white chocolate chip macadamia nut for Dan. Now I know that the white chocolate lovers out there sometimes get upset about the constant pairing of their chips and the macadamia nut, but it really is a winning combination.

I listed up some destashed jewelry making items yesterday. I placed some lanyard clips on the Etsy Store. The current listing is for a lot of 30, but I do have several more lots of them here. If you are interested in a larger quantity, please just let me know, and I will set up a special listing just for you.

Today I am going to finish up the deep clean of the house. There are still the bathrooms to tackle. After all that is finished, I am off to the library for that book hunt and some pants sewing as well. I am still working on the hand sewing and finishing of the elephant and peacock belt. It is finally coming along. I am still finishing off the tassels for it and need to hang them out before their final trim. Only eight more of those to go. I am also working on some hairflower listings today once I sign off of the blog. I will post the pictures here of the newly listed ones tomorrow. Check back to see them as they are quite lovely.

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