Monday, September 21, 2009

Staying Cool

This weekend I tried to fix the salsa debacle. It went much faster having Dan there to help with all the cutting and chopping of the ingredients. This time I came up with five full pints that are labeled and boxed up in the pantry. I did not get to try it this time, so hopefully when we pop open the first jar, it will be a vast improvement over the non-halved sugar recipe. We also added more hot jalapeno peppers to this batch as well. Hopefully the heat is back in the salsa. We tried the peppers raw, and they were more spicy than the peppers in the first half batch, so here is to hoping for a perfect heat in the full batch. I will report back when we actually open up a jar after finishing the store bought jar in the fridge.

Today is supposed to be very hot around the Bay Area. I am planning on staying as cool as possible around the house for as long as possible. I have pulled out a tank from dance class sessions and a skirt that I can move around easily in. The plan is to clean the house top to bottom before the heat of the day settles in this afternoon. This afternoon I hope to keep cool with some letter writing, recipe copying, and hand sewing. I also hope to get some red work tins worked up this afternoon and hopefully have them photographed for tomorrow to upload on the Etsy Store. Hopefully it is something I can pull off with out much time to sit and realize how hot it is outside. Well I guess I should quit the procrastination and get to the cleaning. Pictures of the tins, hopefully tomorrow!

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