Monday, October 12, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

There is a storm blowing in today, and I am glad I got myself out and cleaned up the balcony garden on Friday. It looks rather lonely out there and not as inviting as when all the green plants were out there. I guess that is just a function of winter approaching and looking forward to next spring when all will be planted anew. If the dying plants were out there it would be quite a mess I am sure as we are supposed to have winds around 60 mph and quite a bit of rain. You can even tell this storm is coming by how crazy people have been acting over the last few days. There is an odd air of panic that seems to be surrounding people. Erratic driving, while not unheard of, seems to be on the rise, and I am seeing weirder than normal behavior in the people around me on the streets. I am wondering how bad, or disappointingly not bad the storm is going to be. The only plants I have left out on the balcony are the rosemary, jasmine, and lemon tree. I am even rethinking leaving the lemon tree out there for this storm. I am afraid all the lemons will be blown off the plant if I leave them out there.

The herb box is inside for the colder winter months. It is not cold enough to freeze them or anything like that, but they are not getting enough sun on the balcony, and I am hoping the windows in the living room get enough sun in the morning and light from our lights at night to help them take off again. Even after being inside for just a day the plants look happier.

Today I am at home with Dan. He is working from home as he is feeling a bit under the weather. I am going to try to get the chocolate pin stripe pants finished today as I pretty much slept all day on Friday to work on getting better from this cold. I also am going to try to get one of the Christmas presents cut out today, so I can potentially sew it up tomorrow. I am hoping for no power outages, but the news is already predicting there will be many of them tomorrow due to the high winds. If you don't see a posting tomorrow, that is probably why! Well there is sewing calling and the 770 is still being fussy, so I guess it is the classical radio station today. Off for sewing goodness!

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