Thursday, October 29, 2009

Iced Beauties

After dinner last night, Dan and I decorated the cookies we baked the day before, as they had finally aged appropriately. It was a really fun time. We turned on another silly movie and got to it. I took out all the decorations from the cake box.

We mixed up some different colors and got to working. Many candy corns were eaten and never made it onto the cookies. After a while, all the cookies found their frosting and toppings.

We made candy corn cookies:

The needed bats, cats, and a few Wizard of Oz style witches:

There were ghosts with M&M mouths:

And of course there were pumpkins, including my favorite vampire pumpkins!

I used to love making the vampire pumpkins with candy corn as a kid, and I found that I still find this amusing. Now, to keep us from eating them all in one sitting!

Tonight Dan and I are going to see Ravi Shankar and his wonderful sitar playing! I am really excited to go to this. Today is also a Halloween party at 826 for the kids. I hope that I can manage to keep myself sticky and spill free before the concert. Well I am off for some more toy construction.


Steph said...

Dude, there are no words to describe how much I love the great artistic care you guys took with the cookies! (I'm a dump a bunch of sprinkles on 'em kind of girl myself...but then, I usually don't make decorated cookies.) It's so cute!

Fabulous Pants said...

I am more of the detail work person, Dan does most of the dumping on of one color. Hence he is always the one that does the black cats and bats! ;)