Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lilliputian Lemons

The Meyer lemon tree has been pretty happy over the winter months here. I am quite relieved as the balcony does not get any direct sun over the winter. Not knowing this when we bought the tree, I thought my biggest problem would be the cold nights, but the lack of sun was actually more of a problem. The tree did come inside for some of the months of November and December when the nighttime temperatures were close to freezing. Once it warmed up a bit again, it went right outside. While I loved having it inside, having to contend with the moths that were constantly sprouting out of the dirt was not something I wanted to put up with for very long. We harvested one of the lemons two weeks ago for our Dutch Baby pancake, and when I went outside to check on the lemons, there was one more to pick. It was so tiny, the name Lilliputian Lemon sprang to mind.

In getting ready to take this picture I found that I have misplaced my ruler for sewing, hence the lateness of this posting. I have turned the entire house upside down looking for the ruler to find no trace of the thing. It is pretty disappointing as I am working on a project for myself, something I honestly do not usually do. I am making myself a dedicated dance bag. I usually just use one of the canvas bags that I take to tutoring or the store or places like that, but I am constantly worrying that I have forgotten to slip my zills or foot covers or some other small item into the bag. Then the bag checks begin, where I dig around while walking to catch the train to a dance session hoping whatever I have decided is missing is actually packed. It almost always is! So, to ease my troubles, I am making a dedicated bag that I know will always have those items inside. This will also help to curb the neat piles of organized items that tend to fill the Fabulous Pants sewing space... usually resulting in missing items.... like my now missing ruler! I have decided to wait for Dan's fresh set of eyes to look with me tonight and to instead lose myself in this delightful dance bag project. It is easy to forget the lost things when you are working with something as beautiful as this fabric:

Well there are bags to be sewn, living rooms to be cleaned, and headdresses to be practiced. I guess it is time to quit fretting over lost tools and start sewing. Making lemons into lemonade so to speak! New dance bag, here I come.

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