Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Walking Route

My new walking route is, in fact, five miles long. This makes me a happy woman. I now know that if I take that way I do not have to rely on the pedometer and can leave it at home. Sometimes in my want to get fit, I find myself obsessed with those step numbers rather than enjoying the act of walking. My new walk takes me around Lake Merritt in Oakland. It is a nice and picturesque route. There are plenty of people about as well, so that makes me feel more comfortable in taking it as well. There are all sorts of things to look at, so it makes the walk go just that much more faster and is more relaxing. I saw all manner of birds on the water like pelicans and egrets. There were ducks of several varieties and also tons of Canadian geese. The lake renovations have also brought about some new gardens with plants to look at, and some very tall trees were spared as well. They arch high over head and provide a nice dose of shade here and there.

One of the nicest things about the walk yesterday was seeing all the new baby geese. Seeing all those goslings bobbing around made me flash back to my childhood walks with my Grandmother around Lord's park in Elgin. We would take corn and bread with us to feed all the ducks and geese and the deer, elk, and buffalo that were at the park as well. Those were some of the most fun times of the summer. This is of course if there was no rain. It was a continual joke around the house that if we were in need of rain, I should be sent to Grandma and Grandpa's. It seemed like every time I would go there over the summer for a sleep over, it would rain, and we would be stuck inside rather than being able to go to the park. This trend seems to be continuing with this latest walking route. After my walk yesterday, there were unpredicted pop up showers. Today, I am preparing to go on this walk again, and, you guessed it, there are rain showers in the area. I am not going to let this deter me, but I will not be bringing the library books for fear of them getting wet.

Then it is time to really finish up those pants and also work on the belt. I finally decided on the final motif for the embroidery of the bottom parts. Today I will get those done... I hope. Here is to getting out earlier than I thought to get started on the day!

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