Friday, May 28, 2010

Reasons To Write

I have been rather busy as of late, but I felt like writing about it would not be the best use of time. I have learned through a odd serendipitous set of circumstances that I may in fact be wrong. Yesterday was the last day for tutoring at 826 Valencia for the school year. We held a party for the kids, and I also worked with some of them on last minute end of the school projects. As I went along saying my end of the year "so longs" to the staff, one of them showed me this treasure chest full of handmade leather bound journals. They were gorgeous, and I was, I have to admit a bit jealous of whomever was going to get one. Little did I know that would be me. I was offered one but had to make a promise to fill the pages with writing. This used to be something that I would have never blinked an eye at in high school as I was a prolific writer back then. I felt as though this was my calling back into the fold.

I selected this one as I liked the fact that the hands of the clock were frozen in time. To me writing it the ability to freeze moments in time forever, allowing you to share them with others if you so choose or keep them for yourself to cherish later. I also really liked the saying in this particular journal. It really clicked with me and how I feel about friendships. I have decided to fill this book with thoughts I have through the day or things that catch my eye. Hopefully that can bud into some more serious writings. It is almost like my jogging program to get me back into shape, only with writing. So to whomever made these beautiful journals, thank you. Your time and effort has paid off for one writer at least. It was by far one of the more thoughtful things I have gotten to be a part of lately. It is always nice to be surprised with an act of kindness like this to keep you from becoming jaded to the modern world.

In other news, I finally got product pictures taken on Wednesday and will be posting those pairs of pants for sale most likely on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Etsy Store. Want a sneak peak? Go to the Fabulous Pants Facebook page and become a fan for pictures of new items before they hit the store. New pictures will be posted over the weekend sometime for your purusal. Now to get down to some sewing. Hopefully I can manage this after today's workout. ;)

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