Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Holiday Wrap Up Three

One of the presents I was really looking forward to making was a learning book for Craig. I found the pattern on the internet and bought it up. It was a vintage Vogue pattern for a book called "It's A Zoo." The book was great as it used up lots of fabric from the bins. I only bought some of the fabrics for the pages themselves. I also got to use up some old and wrinkled interfacing that I have been kicking around for some time as it is featherweight fusible, and I do not really need that too often. I was astounded at how well this one came out. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Title Page that was customized for Craig:

Page One: A fishing pelican. I made it out of the same material that his previous and Jozef's pelicans were made out of for some continuity. The fish attach and come off of the hooks.

Page Two: A turtle that is a sensitive fellow. Learning to use snaps.

Page Two: A hungry alligator on what must be a hot day. Learning to use a zipper.

Page Three: A giraffe all ready for a night out with her hair all done. Learning to tie a bow.

Page Four: A kangaroo out for the day with her baby. Learning to use a buckle.

Page Five: A bear ready to coach his baseball team. Learning to lace up eyelets.

Page Six: A rollerskating elephant ready to go! Learning to button and unbutton.

Page Seven: A lion all braided up neatly. Learning to braid three ropes.

Page Eight: A hippo is driving the bus for all the animals to ride. Learning to button and unbutton again.

All in all it was a fun project and used up lots of scraps in this new era of using up things. I also got to use up a bunch of notions that I have had knocking around drawers and things. Any cleared up clutter is good use in my mind.

On that note I am off. I have a special order I need to complete today as well as transferring the pattern for Annie and I to sew up aprons. Lots to do before I need to head out for Long Now tonight!

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