Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lists Working?

The Google Task lists seem to be working.... well at least a little. I now have things written down in a priority form that I cannot lose because it is on my phone. This makes for a somewhat stress inducing reminder of all the things I would like to accomplish and what I have yet to do. I did have to move Monday's tasks back to Tuesday, so that made yesterday's list look very intimidating. I did, however, plow through many of the items, including cleaning the dreaded bathrooms. It isn't that the bathrooms were so dirty that I did not want to tackle them, far from it, I just hate cleaning the bathrooms. I have no idea why that is, but it is. So, after many avoidance techniques yesterday and the day before, I buckled down and got it all completed. I also got the curtain panels cut out and ready for sewing up today.

In gardening news, I restarted the Aerogarden last week. It needed a complete overhaul, new motor, light bulbs, and new plantings. I ended up going with the very old herbs that came with the thing. I was not expecting much in the way of germination seeing as the seeds were so old, but I am happy to report that I have dill that is ready to have the cap removed already and the mint is fast approaching the same state. I don't see any other shoots yet, but the chives are also starting to develop fog on their dome, signaling the possibility of new growth there as well. Nothing yet from the thyme or the parsley, and I also did not plant the two basil plants yet as they germinate so much sooner and would overtake the other plants before they are established. I am going to give all the other herbs a big head start before planting those basil plants.

I hate to cut it short today, but I am feeling sewing inspiration today as the clouds are starting to break and let the sun in, so I should seize on this inspiration and go!

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