Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Wrap-Up

This spring has been incredibly busy for me for some reason that I cannot put a finger on. I am working on lots of abstract things right now, business plans, dance practices, and design work. Needless to say there are not many concrete items that I can hold onto to show all that I am working on things. It makes it a bit tough. I did take some time out this week and weekend to enjoy myself and stop working on so many things. I went out for a wonderful lunch with a friend on Thursday. It spilled well into the evening. Friday we went to see a play, and Saturday was an improv show for another friend. Both were quite divergent from each other, but both were so fun. It is always nice to see live performances.

I did manage to pull off a good brunch for Dan and I on Easter morning. I made homemade hot cross buns and a fresh fruit salad. Dan made a wonderful omelet. We got out the wedding china and silver and ate as though we were at a restaurant. It was rather fun with all the parts of the coffee service out and some new silver acquisitions being present to complete certain elements of the "fine dining" experience. Dinner was a glazed ham and of course some Deviled eggs from the hard boiled ones we dyed. It was a fun and relaxed day spent with each other in front of the television with movies. Today I am working on finishing up that now very late birthday gift.... speaking of which... I see the sewing machine calling now!

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