Friday, April 9, 2010

Pineapple Sauce

Yesterday I somehow managed to get up early and get down to work on some projects before heading into the city for tutoring at 826 and dance class at Fat Chance. One of the projects I got finished was making a pineapple sauce out of the remaining pineapple from our Easter brunch. One thing that I have always loved is banana splits. My Grandma always made them for me when I would stay over at her house during the summers. They were one of my favorites next to her incredible chocolate malts! I decided recently after looking at the toxic yellow offerings for pineapple topping at the grocery store that I should try to make my own. Luckily I had some recipe guidance to go off, and after a long 30 minutes of stirring the mix at a boil. I had three half pints of pineapple sauce to my name. I am going to have to resist opening them until I get the strawberry sauce made later this spring or early summer when the strawberries are better. Needless to say, the ice cream maker is going to be running full tilt once the sauces are in place and bananas will be a weekly purchase.

I also have been slowly finishing up a set of long lime and black hairfalls. I have been kicking these around for a while now and wanted to finish them up. They should be completed soon, and I hope to get them listed in the Fabulous Pants shop early next week. While my falls still pale in comparison with those of Bastet, I try my best to live up to her craftsmanship and style. I also received my fabric shipment. The fabrics are even better than I thought! I cannot wait to dig into them on Monday. I may have to start on the weekend though since they are just so stunning. Right now my floor is filled with a beautiful piece of batik from Indonesia from which I am making a personal choli. There are two distinct sections to the fabric, and I would like a choli out of both the dark and the light section. The light section is a good three fourths of the fabric piece, and the dark section is the other fourth. It has taken a long afternoon of fiddling with the pattern pieces, but I think I finally have a plan that I can agree with that uses this small piece the most efficient. In other words, the pieces actually fit. I hope to get that mostly cut and ready to go as well as working on learning some new skills on the serger today. I am trying to do the "medicine" of learning in between the "sugar" of projects I want to work on. Hopefully it motivates me to take this serger task on full force this time.

I am planning a quiet weekend at home working on personal projects and relaxing a bit. Things have been such a whirlwind lately that I think a weekend spent stitching on a project or braiding some more falls would be a welcomed change. While I love being social with friends and going out on the town, I am truly a homebody at heart. I think I need to honor that a bit more this weekend and avoid the lure of more high impact social activities. I hope you all have a great weekend whatever the tone you decide to take is!

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