Monday, June 9, 2008

Mirror - Bra Catastrophy!

OK! The title says it all. I have a borrowed bra and belt set for this show on Saturday, and the belt fits, perfectly. So I figure the bra, when reconstructed from being cut apart, should fit totally fine. Boy was that a wrong assumption. I have been working on reconstructing this damn thing for weeks. No matter what I have tried, it is not fitting nor is it working. I have one last try before I totally give up and go to my Tribal coin bra. I have to reconstruct it back to the 80's style necklace kind of bra. While not my personal style, not dropping hundreds of dollars on a bedlah for a one time show is. I guess I will have to make this work somehow. Back to the hand sewing from hell. I now remember FULLY why I quit Cabaret style dancing.

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