Monday, June 9, 2008

Mirror - Smoked Out

Well I am afraid that I have missed my window to take pictures. I did not get to the patio yesterday to get the pictures taken because our building's ground crew was here cutting the grass. Today, we are fogged in... I thought. It appears that the fires in the Santa Cruz area are sending smoke up our way. It is hazy and smoky smelling out the window, so we will have to see how the pictures turn out. I hope to get the other three choli fabrics photographed and edited today. Perhaps I will even get to posting one of them on the Etsy store. The labels are yet to be made and the cholis still need theirs put in. I am far behind schedule as usual. Well I guess I should get to. Perhaps if things are too hard to photograph outside I will take some shots of the "studio area" of the apartment. There are still some house duties to get done as well. Laundry chief among those. I guess I should quit chatting on Etsy and blogging and get to it.

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