Monday, June 9, 2008

Mirror - Upcoming Show and Other Musings

So I have a show coming up on Saturday, and what am I doing? Procrastinating and avoiding the issue of course! I should be working on my costume, or practicing my improv more, or doing anything to get ready for this show. Instead I am on the computer avoiding it all. I guess I am just more worried about this show than I would like to recognize. I have not danced Cabaret style for two years. It has been a huge shift of gears. Going from slinky, snaky, creepy, dark to light, airy, bubbly, smiles, and flirty. It is a huge contrast. I went and tried to do some run throughs at the studio, but it was not with the results I had desired. I have three more days to get this down. I guess I need to just get some sort of confidence about this. I need to buckle down and hit the floor hard. I know I will pull it off, I always do, but I wished I could do this with less stress and more confidence.

On other notes, I found out that some people did not really understand how the Jakarta Pants worked. One person told me they would love to buy a pair but they had large thighs, and that they would not fit. That had me thinking about that statement. Unless your thigh was 47 inches around, yes one thigh and yes I know that could be the case for some people, they should fit. The limiting factor on the pants should be waist size (45 inches) or height, which has other solutions. I believe that people did not realize what kind of pants they were, and Balinese open side pant. So I worked on a photographic tutorial for them. (Yes my procrastination has been going on all day.) I have the tutorial finished, and I will post it for your perusal. Hopefully this will generate some sales, but we will see. I also started adding the tag "Rave" to the pants. I never thought of this until Hannah told me how many people have given her comments on her pairs at Raves. DUH! Well I should get back to sewing on this costume for Saturday. Hopefully all things with that show will start to fall in line.

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