Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back on Track?

I am attempting to get life back on track a bit more before I head out to visit my sister. I still have to write thank you notes for Christmas, oops! I forgot to do, and I really wanted to get back into that habit this year. I am going to work on those this evening while I watch the news. I also want to get back to exercising. I tried to do a jog on the ellipitical on Monday, and only got through 15 minutes before I had to stop. Between my cold and not exercising for a while, I was really out of shape. I am hoping to do 20 minutes today at a lower intensity than Monday. Hopefully I get through it all otherwise I will be pretty disappointed in myself. I also hope to wrap up the work on my new tutorial. I want to get that posted sometime late this week or early next week.

I have learned quite a bit when doing this tutorial. First off, I wished I had a third hand. There were times when I wanted to take a picture, but I also needed my two hands to show what I was doing. I also learned that using fiberfill instead of batting made hand quilting almost impossible for this project. I gave up on that and went back to the machine. I also found that trying to hoop this project when using fiberfill was also not able to happen, so I did not get to try out my machine in its footless embroidery mode. I have placed a lightweight foot on it, and it is slow going, but I am making good progress on getting one side of the cozy done. I hope to get it all finished and photographed today.

I also made bread yesterday. I had a great sponge for the sourdough started, but I ended up adding a bit too much flower and over kneading it. It tasted okay, but the crumb on the loaves was really tight. I hope to keep working on my sourdough recipe until I get it right. Bread making is an art that I have yet to master. Well I suppose I should get in gear and put my jogging shoes on. I hope to have more to report tomorrow.

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