Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday's Musings

Yesterday was productive. I got a lot more done on the machine quilting, and I hope to finish that today before I head off to tutoring today. There are only a few more areas that I want to do on the second side, and I will then be ready to get the bottom put on it and stuffed. My goal of getting this done for the end of the week is starting to slip away, but I can still hope.

The thank you notes goal from yesterday, yeah, not accomplished. I am thinking about trying to get them done before I leave for the Pirate Store today. I really only have a few to do, and I don't quite understand why I always put them off. I should really just get off the computer now and do them. In fact, I am going to put dinner together in the crock pot and do them next. Then I will work on the sewing work. Yep, I think that is the goals for today. I am hoping to make a run out to one of the fabric stores tomorrow to pick up some parts for a new belt. I hope to get that mostly finished before I leave for Delaware, so I can list it when I get home. Here is to hoping.

Now... on to beef stew.....

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