Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Short Thoughts and Many Plans

This week is going to be really packed with things to do. I spent a great weekend with Dan in Monterrey at the aquarium. I have taken a bunch of pictures and am going to edit them tonight to post up tomorrow, so look for that then. We also had a fun Monday together. I know that it was a national day of service, but we get to see each other so rarely that I told him my volunteering at 826 each week should cover us both for the day. We did the grocery shopping and had a wonderful fondue lunch. He is really good making a perfect cheese fondue!

The tutorial is still in progress. The project has hit a few snags, but I learned some things to change for when people want to actually do it themselves. I can improve the directions for this from the really bad ones on the project sheet I have. I hope to get that also finished off today before I head out to the dance studio for the first class of this session. I am going to work on those photographs and writing it up tomorrow.

I cannot believe that I will be on a plane this Saturday bound for Delaware to see my sister and her family. I cannot wait to get to visit and play with the kids. I will be out of the studio for a week, so any orders placed at that time will not be shipped until I get back on January 31st. I may still be able to answer convos here and there, but no promises. Well I am off to sit back in front of the television watching the coverage of the Inauguration. (Hence why the blog posting is so late.) I hope that you all have a productive day. I am trying to make sure mine is as well!

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