Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy Days

I know that it has been a few days again since I wrote, but things have been pretty busy around here. I was contacted by a dance colleague and wonderful customer of mine, Ashley Lopez, who is both a dancer and instructor in San Jose. She needed a new pair of custom pants, so I have been of line working on making some tailoring adjustments and crafting her perfect pair. She picked out her pair from a new fabric I had in stock but had not made into pants yet. It is a beautiful raspberry sari fabric that she chose, and I am sure it is going to look killer on her.

I still have enough fabric left for one more pair of pants to be made if there are any takers out there.

Friday was a great day. Dan took the day off from work to decompress while I finished up the pants. We had tickets to see Kodo that night up in Marin. We went up and saw another wonderful show by them. Saturday and Sunday were filled with the usual domestic things, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and the like. Monday I spent out fabric hunting for another new special order. I found the perfect fabric for the client, and I am going to muslin up the piece to day to see if there are any adjustments that need to be made before I move onto the actual garment sewing. Yesterday was spent running around the city looking for a new pair of knee pads for dance class. I ended up finding ones I thought were perfect, but they did not end up fitting over my calves. Oh well, such is life. ;) I guess I am back to the drawing board with that one. I also got some supplies for the household yesterday as well as my Valentine's Day cards. I need to fill them out and get them in the mail, pronto!

On the list for today, I need to get these cards filled out and mailed first. Second, I am going to work on this pattern and hopefully get the muslin cut out today and perhaps sewn. I am still working on my now very late Christmas gift for Da, so that also needs to get worked on some today. Other than that, I want to try my hand at baking baklava. I will take pictures to post tomorrow for you all. I hope it turns out! I also need to order new bulbs for the AeroGarden. One is already burned out. Bummer I know, but I need to keep the now thriving garden happy. Well lots to do and so little time. Pictures hopefully tomorrow!

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