Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My, How They Grow!

This seems to be the phrase that I have had in my head lately. Last week was a great time visiting with my sister and the whole family out in Delaware. The kids are getting so big, and Craig is as cute as a button. It was the first time I have gotten to see him in person, and he already looks like a little boy. All the baby features are gone with him. He is also a super active kid, so there was a lot of me chasing him around. Claudia is also getting to be a big kid now. The last time I saw her she was Craig's age, so it was nice to get to know her more. She is just as articulate as her older sister, and she already is very concerned with others. Brenna is off to all day kindergarten, and I was lucky enough to have an extra day with her at home due to an ice storm that rolled in on Tuesday night. She is still the same creative and imaginative girl she has always been. While the ice storm made it so we could not go to the Conservatory, it was nice to not run all over the place to do things and just spend time catching up with everyone. There was lots of talk time.

When I returned home, I found that the AeroGarden had gotten really big since I left too. I had to raise the light hood for the first time. I am going to read today to see if I need to start the pruning process with the tomato plants. I also was so glad to also get back to the Farmer's Market this weekend when I got home. While there are limited items for sale this time of year, but the oranges are in. I decided to try the Cook's magazine orange sherbet recipe. It was successful and did not take that long to make. Taking a cue from the book I am reading, The Gentle Art of Domesticity, I am trying to take more pictures of the things I do around the house that are beautiful. As I was making the sherbet, I realized that I really loved how the prep area looked with all the vibrant orange.

It took some doing squeezing all the oranges by hand, but it was over all rather easy. The only thing that I would change is using less lemon juice as well as making sure I have the heavy cream next time. I cheated this time and used half and half. It did turn out too icy for my liking, and as usual, Cook's had noted that would happen, but I did not want to run out the store for just that one item. I put it into the ice cream machine, and it spun up pretty well.

I also got back into the gym and jogged on the elliptical again. Boy did I get out of shape again over the holidays and travel break. I am hoping to get some yoga done this morning after writing. I need to also take some new pictures of fabrics for a pants order that I am working on. When I got contacted about this order, I forgot all the great fabrics I have squirreled away for making into pants. I really need to get back into working on the new pairs. Tomorrow I hope to go to a fabric store to pick up some supplies for a belt I want to make as well as some supplies for another project I have been commissioned to work on. I guess the sewing machine covers are being pushed back just a bit, but I do not mind a bit. I would rather make things to sell than the things I am doing for my personal self distraction from other things. Well it looks like there is a lot I could get done before heading to the dance studio tonight, so I suppose I should get to it.

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