Thursday, February 12, 2009

Need to be Productive

Yesterday turned out to not be very productive. After writing my entry yesterday, I think the workout I did got to me. Yesterday I ran/walked one and a half miles. I have never really done that since I quit playing soccer in high school. Then I lifted weights a bit. It felt good but sapped my will to get anything else done yesterday. This of course included my plans to make baklava, so I settled on making seven layer bars.

They are totally easy, and cheesy, but I love them none-the-less. Today I want to get bunches of stuff done before I leave for 826 to tutor. I want to finish up freezing the chicken stock I made yesterday into their "hockey puck" forms. After I make a big batch of stock, I freeze it into ice cubes in a muffin tin. It works out well, making even third of a cup pucks. I also want to get the kitchen moped and the stove cleaned. Both are in need of some major attention. Since I did not get anything else done yesterday, I need to get the pattern I am working on ironed out and modified if there are any needed. I also would love to get it muslined, but I am not sure that can happen before I have to leave. I am also working on "memorizing" the next song for choreography in my dance class. I accomplish it by playing the song on repeat for hours on end. I find that this is the best way for me to know the music fully, so that when I dance to it, all elements of the song become second nature. I am sure the neighbors love it! Well off to get some things accomplished.

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