Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally done with Christmas.... Only Two Months Late

So I finally finished up the last Christmas gift for this year, and yes, it is two months late. Seeing as I am new to knitting, I am not too disappointed in myself. This was in fact only the second thing I have ever knit, and while I did not do it exactly correctly, it looks fine and is done. Apparently, I was not really knitting my knit stitches on this one but doing something else entirely called knitting to the back. I think.... I am so confused on this lately, and I am thinking of learning socks next. What is wrong with me! Anyhow, here is a picture of the finished scarf for my father-in-law.

It was supposed to be moss stitch, and it looks kind of close. I looked at several other pictures of moss stitch, and I can definitely tell this is not the same due to not actually knitting the stitches correctly. It looks good to me none-the-less. Here is a close-up of the stitches.

Pretty good I think for only the second thing I have made. I am still working on loosening up my tension on the knitting. This was a bit better than the first scarf, but still quite tight. I realized this especially when I compared the finished product to the swatching I did originally. I thought I had the gauge of needle right due to the swatch, but the finished scarf was smaller due to my excessive need for too tight knitting. It should get better with practice though, right?

I also went to take dance classes at a different studio while Ariellah is off teaching away from the studio. It felt fun to be a "new student" again. I went to Fat Chance in the city and had a good time. American Tribal Style was my obsession when I was in Illinois, but there were no certified teachers out there then. Ishara taught me the little she knew though. That emphasis switched to dark fusion styles before I left to move out here, so I have been with Ariellah since the move from Illinois and my cabaret style background. It felt great to look into ATS more again. I think it is going to be a nice departure temporarily from the studio. I feel in an odd way refreshed. I guess I should start practicing my zills again so I can keep up in class again.

Today I have decided to not go and jog. There is just too much that needs to be done around the house. I am still working out the kinks on that special order. I need to get that wrapped up by early next week to get it sent off in time for the client. I also have to do my city taxes for Fabulous Pants. I would also like to get some ideas sketched out for a new belt and perhaps pull out that embroidered belt and work on that again some more. I need to get some belts up in the shop soon! Ok on that note, I need to get down to some sewing action.

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