Friday, March 13, 2009

The Fog Has Returned

The fog has once again returned to the Bay Area, and I could not be happier. I am not sure what it is about the fog here, but I love it. It is a thick fog that stays high most days, but sometimes envelops the entire landscape so you cannot even see out the window. Today was a high cloud type of fog, and it also had a fresh sea smell today. Love it!

Yesterday was exceptionally busy, so I did not have any time to write. Between trying to work on promos and going into the city to tutor at 826 Valencia there was not much time. I also was invited out to lunch by my husband. It was a nice cafe style lunch at a little French bistro in South Park. It was rather romantic. In an attempt to get a ton of work on the promos done, I set up a work station in front of the television, so that after dinner viewing would still be possible.

I just do not trust myself to sit on the white couch and use permanent inks. I stamped my little heart out both on Wednesday and Thursday. I also worked on cutting all my wires and ribbon. Sadly I figured out late last night, read 1 am, that I do not have enough ribbon. *sigh* So, I need to make a run to the craft store today. I foresee my goal of mailing these out today slipping to tomorrow.

I also replanted all the new herbs into the window box. I love how it looks now, so lush and green.

So now I can just go to the window to get most fresh herbs. The only thing I use often that I do not have is cilantro. It just does not work out very well in the window. I also have a tomato finally growing in the Aerogarden. Sadly, though I am going to have to do some pruning. I put it off as long as possible, but the plant is dangerously growing into the light.

On the plate for today, Laundry! Yep, Friday=Laundry day. I also want to finish up all the promo cookies. I will try to pile them all up on a table or something and take one big group show. I also have lessons at Fat Chance this evening. Dan and I also are planning on working on orange marmalade part one tonight. Hopefully that all goes well. I will keep you posted.

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