Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today is one of those interesting days that we seem to get here in Oakland where it goes from being rainy and awful looking to a beautiful blue and fluffy cloud filled sky with the sun shining. Then it will turn cloudy and nasty again. The best part about all this is being able to watch it though our huge windows that overlook Alameda and the bay. The rain will come up over the hills on the peninsula and swallow them up. Then it comes across the bay as a gigantic grey colored curtain and swallows up the island. Finally, the rain will hit the windows and fill the courtyard.

Yesterday was filled with hand work on the belt as well as watching the American Experience series "Eyes on the Prize." It is an amazing series, and I have learned so much from it. I have no pictures of the belt pieces yet because they are still rather rough. Hopefully tomorrow will bring them. I am also debating what I want to do about today's jog. I am having some pain in my ankles, so I may just resort to the bike today instead of a treadmill. These kinds of things were why I ended up being a goalkeeper in soccer instead of a field player. I have just too many odd aches and pains. Today I really need to clean up the house. I am going to turn off the TV, and I am going to turn up the music and clean like a mad woman!I guess that is all the musings for today. Short and sweet, but still a lot to actually do. Pictures tomorrow? I will try my best!

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