Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Late Entry

I always try to post in the morning, and I find that it helps me set up what I am going to do for the day and reflect on what I did the day before. Yesterday was rather successful. I ended up on the treadmill and ran/walked a total of 2 miles. I was rather proud of myself. I know the pace was not that fast, but I still did it. I also got the banana bread made and the cookies made as well. Here is one of the sets of cookies fresh out of the oven:

I am late today with the posting because I received a call from my friend Erik to go out to lunch. I of course accepted seeing as it is always nice to have a person to talk with over lunch. It is pouring rain today, so it was also a very welcome thing to get out of the house. Erik also took me over to another hardware store to see if they had canning jars. Leave it to ACE to have exactly what I needed at lower prices than the internet. I bought two of the three flats of half pint jars. I cannot wait to get some oranges and start the marmalade process. Perhaps this weekend it will be clear enough to get out to the farmer's market and get some oranges.

Today, I am doing more hand work on that belt as well as trying to get to some house cleaning. I am currently watching some of the PBS series "Eyes on the Prize" that I taped a few weeks ago. I have always wanted to get to watch this, and now I have some time to do so. It is very interesting to watch, but also rather heartbreaking. Well hopefully I can get some things done on the belt, so I can photograph it for you all. Now, I am off for some sewing and television watching.

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