Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Summer Wind, Came Blowing In...

Vegas was a great time. I am, however, glad to be back home. It was really great to see Christine and bond with all of her friends. I felt like one of the gang in minutes, and the weekend ended with trading e-mail addresses and phone numbers to keep in touch. I may not have won any money, but I did win some new fun acquaintances.

I have to hand it to my husband, he sure knows how to impress. I came home to a fully cleaned house including the shelving of the last moving boxes. It is nice to no longer have a box wall to push around from place to place. I am glad to get home and again get to work on my embroidered belt. I also have some major choreography work to do for the April 11th performance at Hot Java in Morgan Hill. I have decided on a song and cannot wait to tackle it. Prop dancing is one of my favorite things because it is very challenging to me. You need to keep enough dance in to still have it be a bellydance, but you also need to seamlessly add a prop to the mix with out it distracting from the dance itself. I am going to devote tomorrow to that, but for now, I want to sew and work on some domestic activities. I am also thinking about making a new black choli for myself once I get the serger figured out for making my skirt and making it. I would love to have both the choli and the skirt for classes on Friday. Here is to hoping for luck getting it all to work!

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