Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Soaps That Look Good Enough to Eat

A few weeks ago, I was blogging about making my felt fortune cookie promotions for the shop. I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Alison of Dirty Ass Soaps for handing them out for me at a craft fair in the Etsy bags! It is people like Alison that make Etsy such a fun community. I love her shop as well. She makes vegan friendly soaps that look like some definite non-vegan food items. I would have to say that soap makers like Alison are so inspiring. Her talent is unbelievable, and the items she makes are creative and so realistic that you will want to eat them. I would not advise eating the soap though! Check out her shop. Here is a mini of it:

Buy Handmade

Today I want to get some things in order around the house. I was so involved in the embroidery yesterday that I did not fully unpack. I am also hoping to get a major component of my choreography done for the show on the 11th. I also want to get jogging again, so I guess I am off for the gym.

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