Monday, April 13, 2009

Radio Paradise, Tomatoes, and a Quilt

This weekend was rather interesting and action packed. I had the show down in Morgan Hill that I have been prepping for the last few weeks. After much agonizing over choreography and what I wanted artistically when I listened to the music, I settled on doing improv. I was somewhat happy with the result, but wished I could have done a bit better with my interpretation of the music. Everyone seemed to like it, but I had parts I would do differently. I guess that can almost always be said. I just wanted to write a quick thank you in here to Paloma and Devvvora for all the hard work they do setting up and arranging these shows. With out your hard work, none of this would happen! Thank you!

Today I decided that I wanted to turn off the television and get back to some music while I work around the house and on stuff for the shop. I really like to listen to Radio Paradise, but I do not like having to attach the laptop to the stereo. I used to use a Nokia 770 for this application, but as of a few months ago, ours got rather temperamental. I decided to give it a fresh go today, and to my surprise, I have my internet radio back! I could not be happier.

On a Aerogarden note, I finally have a few of the golden cherry tomatoes ready to be picked soon. The red tomato plant seems to have stalled out, but perhaps now that it is not competing with the lettuce plants for light, it may grow again. Who knows in this little science experiment. Here is a close up of the new tomatoes:

Today on the plate, I am going to work on making some new hair flowers and photographing them for listing tomorrow. I also have to make another of the play quilts for my mother.

She has placed an order for one for a baby shower gift. I had to run out to the store on Friday to get some more materials for another one. I made the first two out of the material I bought and the extra material. (I always seem to over buy for these things.)This time I had to get some different materials for the outer border fabrics, and I am going to have to substitute some other scraps for things like the bear's neck tie. I kept with the same style for the border, but it will look slightly different when I am done. I will take pictures of the new one when it is finished. I hope to have that out by the end of the week.

I am also hoping to get the final sorting of my magazines accomplished across this week while I watch television at night. I want to eliminate all the extra paper and space these take up, so I am pulling out only the articles I want from all of my years of magazines and recycling the rest of them. The other thing I would like to get done by the end of the week is a set or two of accent falls with cowrie shells. Hopefully I will get done with the magazines sooner rather than later and can move onto the falls.

Also today, some house cleaning..... I should quit procrastinating and get that done.

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