Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quick Update

I know that my blogging has been kind of sketchy this week, and there is a great reason for that. My husband and I have decided to move. We aren't moving far, in fact, we are still in the same neighborhood. Our lease at the current place was coming up, and we decided to take a look around to see what was out there. I am really glad we did. A place opened up in a building that is just right for us. The unit will allow the Fabulous Pants shop to have its own dedicated space. It will also have a nice office area for the husband to retreat to while the machines are in use on the weekends again. While I will miss our awesome view of the estuary waters and all the boats and wildlife on the water, I will be glad to be a bit further from the tracks and train noise. For the next few weeks, posts will be a bit small if they exist. I have gotten some good pictures of new hair flowers, two red sets and a light purple set, that I hope to edit tonight and will list them tomorrow, Friday, and Monday. Look here for the first pictures and announcement of their listings. I am also working on my Mom's quilt order. That work is going slow, and I am hoping to knock out a big chunk today since the machines will have to be packed up to move soon.

Needless to say, there is a lot of work to be done over the next two weeks. Mainly there is repacking to be done and cleaning of two apartments. Our movers show up on my birthday, so I guess my present this year is a new dedicated space for the shop. I can totally live with that! I will post pictures of the new space when it is all up and running.

A quick heads up on a shop closure. We will be out of town for a wedding and to visit family May 1st to the 7th, so any orders made during that time will not be shipped until Monday, May 11th. Look here and the fan page for more updates.

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