Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red Dahlias

I had a little time yesterday to take photos of the new hair flowers I have put together. I even got one set listed today on the Etsy Store. They are beautiful brick red dahlias that I think would look great either on stage or out on the town this spring and summer. I love their spiky petals that turn from red to yellow to a green at the inner most points.

Today is really busy. I have a lunch meeting today with a friend followed by tutoring at 826 Valencia. Then I am leading a choreography session at Ariellah's studio. Needless to say, not much is getting done on the quilt order today. I hope to get a ton done tomorrow while I tackle the laundry. I have no other plans to go out on Friday, so hopefully I can get this accomplished. I need to pack up all the stuff for my various trips today still, so I better hop to. It will be time to leave for SF before I know it!

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