Monday, April 6, 2009

Taxes and Shotgun Theatre

This weekend was full of activities; some planned, others not, and still others planned not happening. Saturday was a fun day of getting the house back up to running order for the next week after my Vegas trip. There were groceries to buy and some straightening to be done in the morning. We made a great lunch and dinner then went off to see Skylight by the Shotgun Players They did a wonderful job, and I really loved the play. The acting was wonderful and the set was amazing. They do great work over there, and I highly recommend anything that this group does. They even have their rendition of Beowulf opening just off of Broadway.

Sunday was filled with things we had to do but did not, mainly taxes. I worked a bit on the belt here and there and pondered my choreography that is no where near done. I also was able to make some stunning achievements in the realm of cooking. I tackled fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits for the first time. They really turned out well, and I am pretty proud of myself. Thanks Alton Brown! Today, choreography... that is all I am going to work on.... I promise. Speaking of which, I think I should get down to work.

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