Monday, March 9, 2009

Hoping for A Productive Week

Now that the newness of the big tv has worn off a bit, and I mean just a bit, I am trying to get down to work this week. I really want to be productive. I am going to shut off the tv for more hours of the day and crank up the music. This has worked in the past for making me more productive, and I hope it works again. This weekend ended up being a little less productive, but I got in some good relaxation time and some good ideas floating through my brain.

Today, I am going to head down to they gym and get my two mile jog in, and I need to. The Vegas trip is coming up, and I know I will have to wear a bathing suit. Any last minute pound shedding will be wanted. I am then going to get ready to go out of the house and head to BART. Then I am off to the craft store for some tulle and to Target to pick up some new herb plants for the window box. Then I am going to come home, get lunch, and work on my sister's pants hemming and Claudia's birthday present. I want to get all those projects done today, no excuses. Then I am going to work on learning some gimp and work on cutting wires for more fortune cookies promotions. Those are the goals for today. I am trying to make things more realistic so I actually accomplish them, and I think this is pretty realistic. I am also hoping to work on some belt items while on BART. That is just bonus though. Well perhaps I will have pictures of Claudia's gift up tomorrow. We will see if the goals are actually met.

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